Caffe Latte Thongs

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Minimalist Caffe Latte thong is a proposition for women who like to emphasize their beauty in a simple yet modern way. Thanks to the flesh-coloured tulle mesh, they look like a second skin, while the black outline catches the eye thanks to tiny bows which we added on the sides. The converging black lines optically lengthen the legs. Together with our Caffe Latte bra it creates a set which tempts and adds unusual, exclusive sex appeal to a woman.

  • High-cut Caffe Latte thongs on the hips, thanks to their minimalism, will work in many styles
  • Made of flesh-colored tulle (leather)
  • Classic Caffe Latte thongs finished with contrasting elastic bands with bows at the front
  • We suggest complementing the styling with the Caffe Latte bra.

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Caffe Latte Bra


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Caffe Latte Thongs

139,00 zl


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